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The E.P.Children's Home

The E.P.Children's Home was founded in 1889 and is the oldest children's home in the Nelson Mandela Metropole.

Our vision is to develop displaced children and youth into well-adjusted productive citizens. We offer residential care to orphaned and displaced children between the ages of three and eighteen years as well as a comprehensive development program. We also offer vocational and life skills training to our youth who have completed school as well as other young adults from previously disadvantaged communities.

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Skills Training and Resource Centre

Historically, youths left the children's home once they turned eighteen. Now we offer them the opportunity to complete vocational training and life skills training.

We will extend this service to other young people and adults from the previously disadvantaged communities. Our Skills Training and Resource Centre will offer the following workshops: hairdressing, cooking and baking, laundry, computer literacy, woodwork and sewing.

Educational Program

The educational program is aimed at facilitating the scholastic education of the children in our care at schools, which meets their educational needs. In addition, we provide educational support in the form of psychometric and scholastic assessment of the children, individual tutoring, supervised study times and remedial therapy for those children with learning difficulties.

Health Program

Our health program addresses the children's health and medical need. Our nursing sister offers educational programs on primary care issues.     She treats minor ailments in our medical clinic and closely liaises with the hospital and private medical practitioners to ensure that the children get optimal medical care.

Therapeutic program

Due the circumstances which led to the children's placement at our Centre, the children need ongoing therapeutic intervention. The child care workers use a therapeutic approach in their contact with the children. The social workers offer counseling to all the children in our care.            We contract the service of psychologists to address the therapeutic needs of those children who require psychotherapy.

Reunification Program

Our social workers liaise with the extended families of the children and the external social work organizations. Where the children lack the support of immediate or extended families, the social workers source alternative support systems for the children in the community. They offer therapeutic and educational support to these families.

Recreation Program and Basic Skills Training

Our program includes a variety of recreational activities in the afternoons, over weekends and during school holidays. The children have outings such as picnics at the beach, the public swimming pools, the cinema and other venues. Furthermore, we teach the children basic cooking and baking skills, knitting and sewing, drama, art, singing and basic household and garden maintenance.

How can you help us?

Your help and assistance can benefit the children in our care in the following ways:
• Financial support
• Donations of food, clothes, stationery
  and cleaning materials
• Your times and expertise in any of the
  programs mentioned above

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