Program outline

From the outset the Kings Academy has been based on a holistic approach to deliver a development program under the 6-pillar model to enhance each selected player.

• Physically
• Nutritionally
• Mentally
• Technically
• Tactically
• Holistically

An important part to this process has been the Life Skills program, which is much in need for the development of the players in many areas such as finance, social and mental skills, vocational, and nutrition. Through this education it has assisted them in dealing with the balancing act of managing their time between their rugby and university commitments.

Nutrition also plays a major role in their development and through the sourcing of accommodation at a guest lodge through the SARU Kings Academy and the funding from a private sponsor BLG Logistics is used to supplement the 3 meals per day that the athletes receive in order to perform at the optimal level.

The benefits of affording these players 3 balanced meals a day should not be underestimated with regards to the rigorous training program that they are undergoing to ensure they can pursue their goals as professional rugby players, coupled with the need to ensure they are still proficient in the academic work as an integral part of the Kings Academy program, reinforces the need for a balanced diet as a non-negotiable aspect to guarantee their longevity in the program.


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